Open Rehab Initiative—Second Development Iteration

Open Rehab Initiative—Second Development Iteration


A substantial part of rehabilitation tools are developed in the context of research projects, which rarely reach their target audience, in particular clinicians and patients. To address this challenge, the Open Rehab Initiative (ORI) emerged as an international independent online portal with the goal of connecting clinicians, scientists, engineers, game developers, and end-users to interact and share virtual rehabilitation tools. The quality and efficacy of such platform can only be attained iteratively based on a user-centered design approach. This paper describes the design process and features implemented on the second development iteration subsequent to a formative evaluation of the first version of ORI. The main goal of the second iteration was to implement new features and make the platform functional and ready for a second evaluation process with beta testers, which will certainly prompt new features for improvement and will serve as a step toward the final release of the site.

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Diogo Freitas; Teresa Paulino; Sergi Bermúdez i Badia; Roberto Llorens; Judith E. Deutsch
International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation (ICVR)
Conference location
Montreal, QC, Canada


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