Marine Litter Education: From Awareness to Action

Marine Litter Education: From Awareness to Action


Marine litter is a global problem. Education has been acclaimed as a potential tool to tackle this issue, yet, integrative, student-centered, and over weeks studies to raise awareness on the theme that compares pre- with post-intervention results are limited in the literature. Furthermore, almost no studies rely on the basis of previous experience on the theme and local reality. This paper presents the design, implementation, and evaluation of an educational intervention to raise awareness and educate students (1st cycle to high-school) about marine litter. Different learning skills were fostered through theoretical, laboratorial, and hands-on activities and students participated in a beach clean-up to summarize the classroom’s learnings in loco. Pre- and post-questionnaire results indicate that students’ knowledge, perceptions, and behavioral intentions changed. Identification of marine litter estimated degradation times and observation of microplastics in local sand samples were activities highly appreciated by youngsters. This intervention positively impacted schoolchildren’s literacy, contributing to advancing education in marine litter and can be further adapted to other educational areas.

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Sara Bettencourt; Diogo Nuno Freitas; Carlos Lucas; Sónia Costa; Sandra Caeiro
Marine Pollution Bulletin


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